With the growing need to provide a good education for children, concerns about their safety are also on a higher level. Every parent’s top priority is their child’s safety while they ride the school bus. Parents worry despite having demanding work schedules till their children arrive home from school safely.

It is impossible to call the school every day to inquire about the whereabouts of the pupils, and it is also challenging for schools to oversee school buses and other forms of transportation. It is challenging for the management to oversee a fleet of school buses while also ensuring the safety of the students.

Fortunately, development of automated GPS-enabled school bus management software has advanced so quickly that it has become invaluable in resolving this problem.

Tracks by Truckoom provides one of the most facilitated GPS Tracking Systems that can easily solve all these issues for the school authorities and help them have a secured environment for the children.

Why school bus tracking software is important

It has become mandatory for schools to equip their buses with GPS-enabled tracking devices as this system has proved to be a huge hit in maintaining the safety of children and easing the concerns of parents.

Improved student safety is the main advantage of managing a fleet of school buses using contemporary, automated technology. Kids, safety, and security are among the most significant factors that parents consider when choosing schools for their kids.

In recent years, technology for managing a fleet of school buses has advanced quickly. The administration of students, bus and driver schedules, and external factors (weather, traffic, delays) are all handled using GPS-enabled fleet management software without sacrificing the safety of the children at all.

Here are some benefits you will get after securing GPS-enabled school transport tracking software:


The simultaneous live tracking of all vehicles equipped with the device is provided by GPS tracking systems. This can make it easier for parents, fleet managers, and school administrators to find the precise location of a school bus transporting pupils.

Real-time school bus tracking allows parents to keep an eye on their kids’ whereabouts while the bus is on its regular route. Traffic delays, weather delays, route changes, etc. are all automatically seen and therefore this feature is the most subject of this system.

In addition to ensuring the children’s safety, this enables parents to effortlessly coordinate pick-up times and schedules with the arrival of their children at drop-off locations.


Optimizing fleet management can maximize the efficiency of the bus system in giving safety to the children and in tracking their routes and assuring the parents.

Routes are managed using bus management software using class timings, drop-off sites, and pickup locations for the entire student body. This lessens—even eliminates—late arrivals, worried parent calls, inefficient fuel use, and any confusion.

It’s not simple to “rank” buses, drivers, and schedules; various factors need to be balanced. However, bus scheduling software offers countless alternatives by investigating all scenarios and selecting the best feasible routes.


Every year, the administration of the school must cope with shifting circumstances and data, such as the number of students, prices, student addresses, and class schedules.

Managing all of this is extremely difficult because it involves changing routes, timeframes, expenses, the quantity of required vehicles, and the

drivers and employees. Inefficient planning leads to increased costs, drawn-out bus rides, and irate students and parents!

Truckoom has introduced route optimization along features which help in navigation and tracking such as video telematics which also helps keep track of sudden route changes by the drivers and adds to child safety and security.


The capability of such software to monitor a driver’s conduct is a huge plus! the software now keeps track of unsafe driving habits such taking unplanned routes without permission, speeding, driving rashly, making sharp corners, disobeying traffic laws, etc.

Usually, a driver’s behavior is the main problem, and this software helps resolve that along with protecting the children.


Parents are informed when their children leave for school and arrive at school using a GPS tracking device. Parents are also informed when the bus or vehicle is one stop away from their stop.


In buses with GPS equipped scheduling software, every detail is automatically recorded (distance, times of travel, trips completed, on-schedule route completion). After that, this data is available for evaluation, analysis, and calculation. This automatically frees the admin staff from extra duty and helps them save time.

It is clear that to manage their hectic schedules, expenses, and student safety, schools nowadays need to use such a system.


School bus GPS Tracking System assures student safety, lowers expenses, enhances overall school administration, and gives parents, students, and

school personnel alike peace of mind and certainty. Installing it is a piece of cake!

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