Numerous firms use vehicle monitoring software to keep track of their fleets of vehicles. Any car should have a tracking system to prevent theft, damage, or an accident in the modern world when crime and accidents are also on the rise.

To ensure public safety, modern public transportation systems, government buses, and private taxis all use specialized vehicle tracking systems.

These days, it is common practice to outfit even school buses with such tracking systems so that their location can be determined. This technology helps keep the minds of the parents at ease as they can easily view the location of their children and avoid getting constantly worried about their whereabouts and whether they have reached their schools safely or not. Other than this, instead of waiting every day for the bus in the morning, one can just view its location instead and plan according to it. So, vehicle tracking software has a lot of benefits and Tracks by Truckoom provides you many fleet management solutions, live asset tracking being the most suitable here as it gives you a bird’s-eye view of the entire fleet on a google maps landscape which proves to be very beneficial for the school authorities and the parents.

Other benefits of school bus tracking software are listed below:


Once students board the bus, it is possible to determine whether they are all present. Similarly, when a student gets off the bus, this moment can also be recorded to reassure the parents that their children arrived safely. This aids in keeping track of the children aboard the school bus for the driver and assistant.


Nearly all software has a route scheduling feature that instructs the driver the route to take and the current traffic situation on various routes. To make sure that youngsters arrive at their destination promptly and safely, you can avoid dangerous areas, busy streets, and roads that are under construction.


The software’s real-time monitoring capability, which enables parents to follow the whereabouts of the school bus in real time, is undoubtedly its most crucial component.

If the bus makes an unnecessary detour or stops for an extended period, they can ask the driver questions and get answers. In addition to helping them get to the pick-up location on time, this will provide the parents with peace of mind that their children are safe.

If the parents know exactly where they are, the bus drivers won’t even have to wait for them to get to the bus stop.


Bus tracking also adds more depth to your performance data, including more accurate mileage calculations, braking distance data, and other helpful diagnostic data. This simplifies bus maintenance and expands your options for performance enhancements like fuel efficiency.


The GPS unit’s data can be sent to practically any location you want, including your home office, a smartphone app, or almost anywhere else. Giving parents direct access to a map that shows where their child is might even be an option. Thus, fewer calls are made to the office!


If a parent received a summary of the bus ride that included the number of stops, occurrences of over speeding, unapproved stops, etc., imagine how secure they would feel about their child. With the help of the app, you can stay informed about the driver’s activities, and if necessary, the school administration can receive immediate warnings for these circumstances.

Mentioned above, live asset tracking by Tracks from Truckoom is the major feature here but it not the only one, this technology offers you instant alerts through web, email, mobile and SMS about something as small as seatbelt on/off to as serious as vehicle crashing and more than this, you can even have custom alerts.


When you know where your buses are with precision, that means you can also quickly dispatch help when it’s needed. Having precise location data, and instant alerts if something is wrong, potentially means lives being saved.


They can express their concerns or opinions without having to wait to speak to the bus driver in person because the communication process between the parents and the bus driver or with the transportation company will be simplified. All sides stand to gain from this.


Your drivers should stop at each stop sign and railroad crossing, but do they do this? You can keep an eye on their driving patterns and make sure they’re always operating a vehicle legally with school bus tracking systems.

Shortly put, the total advantages of school bus tracking systems can soon outweigh their costs, particularly when it comes to driver optimization and reducing bad conduct.


We may say that the school bus tracking system offers a comprehensive answer to practically all of the worries that parents have about their children.

By examining the routes and driving habits of the driver, it is highly helpful for parents in lowering the risks of kid abduction and accident occurrence.

It can lower costs for both the drivers and the owners by proposing the best routes, tracking the attendance of the children, and informing the parents when to arrive at the pick-up locations. It can be seen that it has become a great necessity now.

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