The ITC has implemented the ‘Asateel’ platform, a real-time vehicle tracking system to ensure heavy vehicle registration and tracking in Abu Dhabi. This system improves safety standards for buses and other mass transit providers while providing businesses an easy way to obtain permits and track their vehicles electronically. Through the “Asateel” Platform, the ITC must grant the licensed entity, as well as people and the owners of freight transport vehicles, a license to operate the vehicles and a professional license for its drivers. With this innovative platform, businesses can now access information about different services offered by it and procedures for registering on it. Moreover, they can stay compliant with regulations set forth by ITC to avoid penalties or fines. In short, it provides a comprehensive solution for all your vehicle tracking needs!

Overview of the Asateel Platform – what it is and how it works 

Asateel, an initiative of the Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), was created to promote greater transportation safety and compliance within the emirate. The revolutionary platform gives transport companies a convenient way to register their vehicles and drivers with ITC and enables them to access innovative fleet management solutions. Moreover, ITC Permits will be obtainable through it to ensure that all active companies, vehicles and drivers in regulated transport segments adhere to local regulations. With this first-of-its-kind platform, Abu Dhabi can now commit to safe transportation for all even further.

The ITC’s Regulations for Freight Transport Activities in Abu Dhabi

The ITC has established regulations to ensure all businesses engaging in freight transport activity in Abu Dhabi following the proper protocol. Using the platform, any interested entity must attain a license authorized by the ITC, and all prerequisites must be met before engaging in such activities. Noncompliance with these rules will not be tolerated, making it essential that businesses understand and adhere to the regulations set forth by the ITC for these activities. Doing so will help create a safe and compliant transport environment for everyone involved.

Registering on the “Asateel” Platform

Registering your company on Asateel is straightforward. Open the ITC’s web application, and use the registration wizard to create an account for your business. After completing the registration process, you may experience limited access to the features of your company. Registration is still under review. Don’t worry, though – once it’s approved, all features of it will be available to you! Register now and take advantage of this powerful tool.

Exploring the Different Services Offered by Asateel 

It offers a wide range of services for operators who wish to register their vehicles. From driver addition to applying for permits, It provides a comprehensive turn-key solution that eliminates vehicle registration hassle. The process is simple and straightforward – first register with it and then follow the easy step-by-step guide to add drivers and apply for permits. With its professional services, It ensures that operators can quickly get the necessary documents to operate their business.

Ensuring Compliance with Regulations to Avoid Penalties and Fines

Asateel helps companies and entities comply with freight

transport regulations, avoiding penalties and fines. According to the regulation, any company or entity is prohibited from engaging in freight transport activities without obtaining a prior permit from the ITC and fulfilling all legal conditions and requirements related to practicing this activity, including business licenses from the Department of Economic Development. The permits for operators and drivers have specific validity periods that must be adhered to; failure to do so can result in suspension or cancellation of permits and fines. It provides services such as ensuring compliance with regulations, renewal of operator/driver permits on time before

their expiry date, payment of fines if necessary, and more – thus helping businesses avoid costly mistakes.


Asateel is an innovative platform that helps transport companies meet ITC regulations and requirements. With it, operators can easily register their vehicles, add drivers, apply for permits and maintain compliance with freight transport activities in Abu Dhabi. By using the services provided by Asateel, businesses can avoid costly penalties or fines due to non-compliance with local rules and regulations. So take advantage of this powerful tool today – register on the platform now and start leveraging its features!

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