Keeping track of a fleet of trucks or buses traveling in and out is not simple. Finding the best route is tough if you don’t know their precise position. Companies incur expenditures primarily in terms of mileage, fuel consumption, and driver identification. Additionally, it’s increasingly harder and harder to meet client expectations in today’s market. Nowadays, customers demand the ability to track their deliveries at all times, and more companies are providing this service to their customers to give them peace of mind. 

Truckoom is one of the most efficient companies in this. Tracks by Truckoom solutions provides you with features related to Real-time GPS tracking as well as live asset tracking, which allows you to keep an eye on your fleet and helps you to enhance safety.

For the past few years, GPS technology has given people the essential geolocation information that businesses and organizations need. In addition to resolving these issues, a magnetic GPS tracker will also give fleet owners great control over their vehicles. If all these above benefits do not convince you to use a GPS tracker, then here are some more that can change your mind:




First off, by enabling you to monitor the vehicle’s fuel usage, GPS trackers can help you save money on petrol. A monitoring program is included with the fleet GPS, allowing fleet managers to manage fuel usage. Additionally, GPS tracking systems can select the quickest paths to the final location of your delivery and monitor any unwanted uses. 

This shows that the vehicle will be entirely under your control, and you can keep an eye on everything, which allows you to reduce fuel consumption.



Second, GPS can assist fleet management in better scheduling drivers’ time. Given that GPS enables you to monitor the drivers’ locations at all times, you can also see how many hours they’ve worked and what they accomplished. 

 With the help of GPS trackers, it is possible to monitor the work and performance of drivers and learn how to maximize their efficiency. 

In terms of this, Tracks by Truckoom gives you instant alerts through mobile, web, email, and SMS about everything happening to your vehicle. You will be instantly notified, whether it be a route deviation or an accident.


A fleet company faces its most significant loss when its vehicle is stolen, which undoubtedly costs them a lot of money, but you can quickly rectify this fear.  Fleet GPS tracking systems can save the day in this situation. They allow you to track the location of your transport, alert you about its whereabouts, and allow police to find it swiftly. This is how GPS tracking systems can assist you in recovering your stolen car and keep you from facing a huge loss. This is one of the most significant consequences of this system.  



Clients and customers are the most significant assets in any business, and their satisfaction matters the most to any company, whether on a small or larger scale; keeping our customers happy is the way to succeeding, and this system can help you achieve that in no time.  

Customers increasingly demand to know the exact location of their deliveries. In this manner, they can anticipate when the order will arrive and are confident it is on its way. 

If you want to stay one step ahead of your rivals, shipment tracking is entertaining and beneficial for your customers. Customers can view any vehicle’s history, route, and path at any time using the digital Google Maps view. 



Lastly, discussed but yet the most crucial benefit is the safety this system provides you. Road accidents, car trouble, or any other emergency call for a quick response. Fleet managers will know exactly where to send assistance if they have a GPS monitoring system for their vehicles. 

As a result, drivers will feel more at ease while simultaneously acting more responsibly because they know they are being watched. 


The fleet management tool is all you need to run a fleet business smoothly, not only does it make you feel secure and safe by having the live location of your vehicle at your fingertips but also allows you to keep an eye on your drivers, helps you reduce your fuel consumption directly making you save money.  

Moreover, the live tracking of your assets also helps you prevent any theft and if such misfortune occurs, you can recover your transport in no time without worrying. 

All these great benefits should be enough to make you change your mind to consider getting Fleet management software.

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